The secret of your new found youth remains in San Miguel ...


As we age, it is often a challenge to accept the changes that we see in the mirror.  We still feel young inside, but the reflection is often a struggle to accept.

If you have researched the cost of a face lift in the United States, then you are aware of the astronomical cost involved.  Please allow us to offer you an alternative arrangement with a world renowned face lift "specialist" at a fraction of the cost.


There are so many talented and gifted surgeons throughout the entire world.  This is the reason that “Medical Tourism” is so popular.  There are hundreds of thousands of people that travel to another country, so that they can drastically minimize the cost associated with any given surgical procedure. Going outside of your Country does not mean forfeiting quality service and care.  On the contrary, our personalized attention is lauded by our patients.

Allow ​me​ to​ introduce you to ​Dr. Carlos Barrera, an internationally renowned​  Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon in Mexico.  Dr. Barrera was educated at one of the most recognized ​and prestigious ​universities in Latin America ​, called UNAM, in Mexico City​. He completed his “specialty” in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Jalisco Institute of Plastic Surgery and Reconstruction located in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Your recuperation time will be spent in a serene and quiet setting in the charming and beautiful colonial city of San Miguel de Allende, which is located in Central Mexico.  San Miguel is undeniably unique.  The reflection of it’s almost 500 years of Spanish Colonial history is evident while strolling the cobblestone streets.  The 17th century colonial architecture is breathtaking.  San Miguel is a sophisticated, cosmopolitan and diverse community sought after by people throughout the world. San Miguel has an ex-patriot population of approximately 12,000.

Dr. Carlos Barrera, the​ ​internationally​ ​renowned Reconstructive and Plastic Surgeon in Mexico, will restore that more familiar​ ​youthful ​appearance ​ that inevitably fades with time.  

 Dr. Barrera performs his services with tremendous precision and ​ ​an artistic​ ​eye​.​

Our boutique medical practice is dedicated to cosmetic procedures of the face and neck.

Dr. Barrera is a man of tremendous integrity.  He is committed to excellence and attentive patient care.  He specializes in the face lift procedure and possesses the experience and expertise to gracefully enhance your natural beauty.  He takes an individualized approach in planning and carrying out his procedures. He is a very caring professional with an excellent bedside manner.  Your comfort and care are of the utmost importance to us. He is intentional about meeting the needs and desires of our patients through focused care and services.

For 34 years, Dr. Barrera has performed his world class services in a privately owned surgical medical center.  The "Centro Médico Quirúrgico" hospital is located in the city of Celaya, Mexico.  It is a State of the Art hospital with ICU, CAT scan, and MRI capabilities.  The city of Celaya has a population of approximately 500,000.  Celaya is located just 45 minutes from the charming colonial city of San Miguel de Allende in Central Mexico.

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It will be a requirement that you have your pre-op testing done at the hospital laboratory which is located down the hall from Dr. Barrera's office.  At the lab an EKG and blood analysis are routine.  If you happen to be a heart patient it is requested that you present him with a letter of approval for this particular type of procedure from your own Cardiologist in the U.S.  If you have not seen your Cardiologist within 6 months of your scheduled surgery date, it is essential that you see his associate Cardiologist and have a current echo stress so that your heart health can be evaluated. Dr. Barrera reserves the right to determine whether he goes forward with surgery if he has any concerns that your pre-op testing results reveal.

San Miguel has been cleared by the United States State Department as a city that is to be enjoyed and visited without concern for the violence that exists in the more northern reaches of Mexico.

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